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Waterfoul Plumbing Solutions LLC


Thank you for visiting Waterfoul Plumbing Solutions and considering us to be "Your Go To" plumbing company. Our basic company ideology is simple. It is built on making YOU the customer satisfied, while maintaining quality craftsmanship of our trade as we solve your plumbing issues.

We bring over 35 years of plumbing experience to your door.  Prior experience ranging in all facets of the industry from working on residential remodels, new construction, gas fitting, sewer/ drain cleaning/ inspection and more!

While delivering to you our focused expertise in service and installation of your plumbing needs, including an extensive background in the water treatment industry. I have lived and worked in the Waukesha county area the past 50 years. With that comes specific knowledge of the areas unique plumbing and water quality issues you may be encountering or have experienced.

So whatever your "Foul" water or plumbing problem is from needing a new hot water heater, service or replacement of existing fixtures, smelly  problematic water treatment issues, small remodel and more. Give us a call and let Waterfoul Plumbing be "Your" solution!
Looking forward to your business!

Corey Masalewicz

Owner- Master Plumber r.a. #220781

Plumbing installation copper soldering mounting on brick in basement
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Thanks for contacting us!

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